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Below are some of the more common plants we use in landscaping. We can provide a wide variety of ornamental plants from traditional to tropical, annuals to perennials, small to large, and flowering to evergreen. If you need a photo of a plant not listed, just let us know.
Agapanthas Agapanthas
Aztec Grass Aztec Grass
Blue Point juniper Blue Point Juniper
Bottlebrush Bottle Brush
Dwarf Bottlebrush Bottle Brush - Dwarf "Little John"
Boxwood Boxwood
Bulbine Bulbine
Cleyera Cleyera
Esperanza Esperanza
Firecracker Plant Firecracker Plant
Foxtail Fern Foxtail Fern
Hamelia Hamelia - Firebush
Hibiscus Hibiscus
Indian Hawthorn
Ixora Ixora
Knockout Rose

"Knockout" Rose

Loropetalum Loropetalum
Mound Juniper Mound Juniper
Nana Nandina Nana Nandina
Nandina Domestica Nandina Domestica
Oleander Oleander
Dwarf Oleander Oleander - Dwarf
Philodendron Philodendron
Plumbago Plumbago
Purple Fountain Grass Purple Fountain Grass
Pyramid Ligustrum Pyramid Ligustrum
Society Garlic Society Garlic
Texas Sage Texas Sage
Variegated Ginger Variegated Ginger
Variegated Pittosporum Variegated Pittosporum
Awabuki Viburnum Viburnum - Awabuki
Viburnum Suspensum Viburnum - Suspensum
Dwarf Yaupon Yaupon - Dwarf
Japanese Yew Yew - Japanese
Wax Myrtle Wax Myrtle








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