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Gray Leaf Spot

Gray Leaf SpotGray Leaf Spot Close Up

Gray Leaf Spot was prevalent last year; if your grass has this fungus it needs to be treated immediately with a fungicide labelled for Gray Leaf Spot, or contact us to treat for you. We are currently treating with Heritage which contains Azoxystrobin .

Leaf spots first appear as tiny brown to gray colored spots with purple to brown margins that enlarge and become elongated or diamond-shaped. Areas of the leaf blade will also turn yellow. In severe cases, lesions develop on stems and spikes and the leaves will wither and die. Grass may have a burned or scorched appearance resulting from death or spotting of the leaf blades. Water only in the late morning; do not water at night. For more information and photos click here.

Chinch Bugs Vs. Brown Patch
Do you wonder why your grass is dying or why you have brown circles in your yard? Below is some basic information to help you differentiate between the two most common problems that afffect St. Augustine lawns in and around the Houston area.

Chinch Bugs
are insects that feed on your grass

treat with insecticide (labelled for chinch bugs)
always follow label instructions

grass will die but might fill back in if treated in time
you need to water your lawn more
areas first effected are next to cement, driveway, sidewalk, street
area is irregular shaped grass will look very dry
chinch bugs are active in hot dry weather
summer / hot dry fall
Brown Patch
is caused by a fungus
treat with fungicide (labelled for brown patch)
always follow label instructions
grass will green up again without treatment (most cases)
you need to water your lawn less
areas first effected are shaded low spots, moist areas, low area between property lines
area is circular and can fade from yellow to brown
brown patch forms in wet cool weather
fall / winter / wet springs













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